Octave Zangs

Director of Photography & Colorist

I specialize in 4K+ cinematography; underwater, aerial and everything in between. The collection of equipment that I have assembled is fully capable of tackling anything from small, efficient film projects up to full feature and commercial productions. See my gear quiver below.


  • RED Epic Dragon (6K)
  • PL/EF Motion Mounts


  • Century 150-600mm T5.6 PL Mount
  • Canon L series from 16 to 300mm

Monitoring, memory, power and accesories

  • RED Touch Pro 5" LCD
  • Mini-mag side SSD and 2 x 512GB Mini-SSD
  • Redvolt XL Module and 4 Redvolt XL batteries
  • DSMC Shoulder rig
  • Bright Tangerine Mattebox Viv-5


  • DJI Ronin
  • Trost Motion M50 & M100 Sliders
  • Miller 1709 Tripod
  • Miller Arrow 40 100mm head
  • Feather Crane Plus (10ft)


  • DJI Inspire 2 + Zenmuse X7
  • DJI Mavic 2 Pro


  • SPL Waterhousing for RED Epic Dragon